January 20, 2014

Voice Continuity

Fail-safe internet and voice through a single device.

S-NET’s Q-Box maintains a consistent connection by directing calls and data transfers. By installing the Q-Box, along with your S-NET Hosted Service, you’ll enjoy crystal clear voice connections with no interference or interruption, in addition to speedy, reliable internet access..

Switch connectivity seamlessly when service is compromised.

The Q-Box guarantees service by managing your existing broadband connection, automatically switching over to the superior bandwidth option when one signal weakens or cuts out. To upgrade your service further, you may also select secondary Internet connectivity services like S-NET Fiber for truly uninterrupted service. By selecting our Q-Box, you’ll effectively eliminate:

    • Echo
    • Jitter
    • Garbled Voice
    • Disconnects
    • Unreliable Service
    • Voice Interruption
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