Data center uses cloud

Why Your Data Center Needs the Cloud

Over the last several years, the approach to data management has changed significantly. Corporations with large internal data centers requiring hundreds of servers are drastically reducing the amount of equipment needed due to innovations in technology. This widespread “shrinking data center” movement is said to be a result of increased virtualization and the continued advancements Read more about Why Your Data Center Needs the Cloud[…]

Data storage

Data Storage Efficiency: The How and Why

There’s a lesson that many modern companies are learning the hard way, and it’s this: if you’re not on top of your game when it comes to your data center, you’re going to have a hard time managing growth. In-house data centers, for example, provide little flexibility and are extremely inefficient in terms of space. Read more about Data Storage Efficiency: The How and Why[…]

Future of data storage

The Future of Data Storage

  Remember how cool it was when the floppy disk was invented? You could take your files anywhere you went. Back then, you probably weren’t thinking about what was next – it would have been hard to conceive the USB stick, much less the cloud. But today, we’ve got a much better idea of what’s Read more about The Future of Data Storage[…]

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