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​SOC 2 Type 2 Security and What it Means for You

Security is not something that should be taken lightly in business, but especially for any business that is handling confidential, medical or financial information. When you think about the amount of sensitive information that can be stored on various company systems— desk and softphones, voicemail, call recordings, chat and collaboration tools, enlisting a responsible communications Read more about ​SOC 2 Type 2 Security and What it Means for You[…]

What is the difference between

What is the difference between back up and replication

Put “backup vs. replication” into a search engine and read a few articles. You might be amazed at just how complicated some high tech prose can make these decidedly low tech concepts. We will begin with an illustration from simpler times. For our purposes we will need: a desk drawer two sheets of plain paper Read more about What is the difference between back up and replication[…]

Chicago Data Back up

Don’t be an April Fool- BACK UP

To back up or not to back up, that is the question for many users and businesses these days (though it shouldn’t even be a question). March was World Backup Month, which made data security a topic of greater public interest, with many shocking statistics reminding us that data loss can happen faster than we Read more about Don’t be an April Fool- BACK UP[…]


Top Natural Disasters in the U.S. – and What they Mean for Businesses

Over the past 60 years, there have been over 2,000 major disasters declared in the United States. When disaster strikes, the economy takes a serious hit. Some businesses suffer financial loss so great that they never reopen. Natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy have devastated local communities almost to the point of Read more about Top Natural Disasters in the U.S. – and What they Mean for Businesses[…]

Benefits of Cloud Storage

The Benefits of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage, or storage that occurs online so users can access data remotely, is now very common. Already, it’s the preferred method of storing digital data, especially for small to medium sized organizations. Storing remotely versus locally offers huge advantages to both consumers and businesses. Accessibility and Synchronization With local file storage, you only receive access Read more about The Benefits of Cloud Storage[…]

Back up strategies

Recommendations for Winter

Before the next big storm of the winter season hits, here’s how to ensure your business stays connected. For businesses that use Broadview Networks’ cloud-based OfficeSuite® Phone, keeping in touch when their office must close is easy. Since the system is hosted in the cloud, changes can be made via an online portal that is Read more about Recommendations for Winter[…]

Cloud Storage

The Key to Business Longevity is in Your Backup

June was Backup Awareness Month, the perfect opportunity and reminder to take a look at the backup procedures you have in place for your organization. After all, your data is the single most valuable asset your company has. Almost every business today relies upon information technology, and this means that more companies are adopting applications that Read more about The Key to Business Longevity is in Your Backup[…]

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