The Importance of Backing up your Data and Apps

Data back up



Almost every single modern business relies on information technology, and this means that more and more companies are adopting applications which are crucial to business processes. While applications are incredibly efficient and make it easy to work from anywhere, there is one downfall: they create data, and there’s always the possibility that you’ll lose all the work you’ve done in that application if the power goes out or an untrained employee makes an error.

This probably makes it sound more dangerous than it really is to use apps – the fact of the matter is, you simply have to stay on top of backing up your applications and data so that they will be secure no matter what goes wrong. Cloud backup is incredibly important.

Backing Up Data
Broadview’s OfficeSuite® Cloud Backup and Recovery offers you the option to backup your data easily and efficiently from anywhere. If a thunderstorm hits in the middle of the night, you don’t have to make an emergency trip to the office – you can simply back up your data to Broadview’s data centers in the cloud from anywhere, whenever. You can protect your employees’ work computers, data on the server, and more to protect your information from anything, whether it’s a natural disaster or a stolen computer. Once your data is backed up, you can easily begin recovering lost files, and we can overnight you a hard drive of everything you’ve saved. It’s quick, and you can buy only as much space as you need in our storage system.

Backing up your Apps
OfficeSuite® Application Protection offered by Broadview serves as an add-on to our PrivateCloud service. This solution has the capacity to protect any application, whether it’s hosted on-site or through a third-party. It works by creating a replica of your app, storing it in our cloud server, and updating it in real-time so we always have the latest version to send back to you in case disaster strikes. We can recover your applications in just five minutes, meaning your down-time is virtually nonexistent, even if your apps crash.

There are many different apps our customers have chosen to backup. Among the most popular are communication channels like e-mail and instant messaging, since communication is crucial for businesses to operate. However, you could also backup your databases, ecommerce systems, customer service applications, public safety and security solutions, and anything else you can imagine.

Keeping your data and applications secure could mean the difference between a smoothly-running business and thousands in lost revenue. Don’t be reactive, be proactive, and backup your business’s crucial pillars.

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